DRAGON-04 medium-sized explosion-proof crawler robot chassis

Short Description:

DRAGON-04 medium-sized explosion-proof crawler robot chassis


Trace explosion-proof robot chassis, suitable for inspection and fire protection operations with explosion-proof requirements, equipped with standard explosion-proof joints; can be equipped in various forms, to help you quickly build ideal products.

Technical parameters:

2.1 Basic chassis parameters:

  1. Name: Medium-size explosion-proof crawler robot chassis
  2. Model number: DRAGON-04
  3. Explosion Protection standards: GB3836.1 2010 Explosive Environment Part 1: Equipment I General Requirements, which meet the national standards of GB3836.1-2010 Explosive Environment Part 2: Equipment protected by Explosion Protection Shell, CB3836.4 2010 Explosive Environment Part 4: Intrinsically Safe Protection Equipment
  4. ★ explosion-proof type: Exd [ib] B T4 Gb of complete robot (this parameter is consistent with the test report of National Coal Mine explosion-proof Safety Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center), lithium battery power device: Ex d IIC T6 Gb (Testing Center of Research Institute of Coal Science and Technology Co., Ltd.)
  5. ★ protection level: robot body protection level IP68 (this parameter is consistent with the test report of Testing Center of General Institute of Coal Research)
  6. Power: electric, ternary lithium battery
  7. Chassis size: length 1315mm wide 800mm height 460mm
  8. Inside size: 1100mm wide 450mm high 195mm long
  9. Weight: 300kg
  10. Maximum deadload: 300kg
  11. Motor power: 3kw * 2
  12. Motor selection: 48V high-precision DC servo motor
  13. Steering mode: Differential speed in-situ steering
  14. Maximum driving speed: 1.8m / S
  15. Maximum obstacle height: 220mm
  16. Maximum span width: 400mm
  17. Maximum climbing angle: 40 °
  18. Ground clearance: 120mm
  19. Surface treatment: the complete machine paint
  20. Main material: alloy steel / carbon steel square pipe / aluminum alloy
  21. ★ robot track: metal skeleton inside the track; track anti-derailment protection design; optional flame retardant and static and high temperature resistant rubber track
  22. Shock absorption system: Christie suspension * 8 oil pressure damper shock absorber

2.2 Basic selection:



Explosion-proof customization

Explosion-proof / non-explosion-proof


48V20AH (Battery capacity is customizable on demand)







Handheld remote control

Custom remote control out of box

Upper support

Custom on demand

Chassis custom



Increase power

speed increase


Customized color on demand (default black)

2.3 Intelligent selection:



Perceive obstacle avoidance

Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance

Laser obstacle avoidance

Positioning navigation

laser navigation

3D modeling



5G control

speech control


data transmission




Video observation

visible light

Infrared night view

Infrared thermal imaging

Environmental testing

Temperature, humidity

hazardous gas

Custom on demand

condition monitoring

Motor status monitoring

Battery status monitoring

Drive status monitoring

product configuration:

  1. One medium-sized explosion-proof crawler robot chassis
  2. One remote control terminal
  3. Car body charger 1 set
  4. Remote control charger 1 set
  5. Manual of 1 Chinese medicine
  6. Certificate of qualification 1
  7. One set of special supporting toolkit

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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