Near Silent drill

  • X8 Near silent drill

    X8 Near silent drill

    Product Features X8 Silent Drill using a lot of sound-absorbing materials, low noise, easy to be noticed. Small, portable, you can work in a small space within the complex. With LED light ring for easy drilling depth environmental investigation and measurement. Simple, light and flexible, drilling speed, torque and other characteristics. Main purpose and application X8 Silent Drill mainly used in military and police forces anti-hijacking, anti-terrorism investigations and other special missio...
  • Silent Drill with dual motor

    Silent Drill with dual motor

    1.Introduction C8 dual motor silent drill is an advanced low noise drilling equipment.In the course of carrying out the task, the police personnel can drill holes in the wall with a quiet electric drill without being investigated by criminals and then use professional equipment (snake, etc. ) To explore the situation in the house, mainly through the wall to detect the activities of the room staff.It is conducive to the police quickly and accurately access to the enemy, is used in a variety of...
  • Silent drill C7

    Silent drill C7

    Overview C7 near silent drill is also called low noise drill. t is for antiterrorism, hostage rescue or surveillance situation. The near silent drill can drill in the wall without drawing the criminal attention and insert the snake eye probe to watch the situation. The device is in the carry case. It is easy to set up and operate. The whole set system is installed in a carrying case which is deployed quickly and operated easily. There are 3 propulsion modes, including self-propelled system,ma...