Electric fire rescue tool

  • Technical Data

    Technical Data

    Engine DH65 Cylinder volume, cm3/cu.in 61.5/3.8 Cylinder bore, mm/inch 48/1.89 Stroke 34/1.34 Idle speed, rpm 2600 Max. speed, unloaded, rpm 9500 Power, kw 3.5 Ignition system Manufacturer NGK Spark plug BPMR7A Electrode gap, mm/inch 0.5/0.020 Fuel and lubrication system Manufacturer Walbro Carburetor type HDA-232 Fuel capacity 0.7 Weight Without fuel and cutting blade, kg/lb 9.8/21.6 Sound levels At idling speed, sound level dB (A) should no...
  • Digital generator set G1000i

    Digital generator set G1000i

    Features 1, each generator set has undergone a rigorous performance test. It includes 50% load, 75% load, 100% load, 110% load, and check & verify all control systems, alarm functions and halt protection functions. 2, the shape is small and light, the electronic throttle can automatically adjust the oil supply according to the load, and reduce the oil consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. 3, pure sine wave output can directly drive all high precision electronic equipment without incre...
  • Portable Rebar Cutter

    Portable Rebar Cutter

    Model: KROS-25 Brand: American QUIP Characteristic: Cutting scope: rebar, steel pipe and cable We have gained German TUV CE Certification. Lightweight, easy to use Unique built-in hydraulic pump It has four incisions and double blades. Battery powered: able to cut 25mm rebar for 40 times Technical Specification Battery lithium battery 24V, 2.0 AH Weight(with battery) 16kg Maximum cutting performance 25mm Cutting Force 16MT Cutting Speed 3s
  • Airlifting bag air cushion

    Airlifting bag air cushion

    Air lifting bag/ Air cushion Range Rescue the victims buried by ruins Rescue work on earthquake area Rescue on traffic accident Rescue on confined space Advantages Big lifting, can lift the heavy from 1 ton-71 tons. Quick lifting speed( 10,000 kgs per 4 seconds) Rough surface ,non-slip design Model QQDA-1/7 QQDA-3/13 QQDA-6/15 QQDA-8/18 QQDA-12/22 QQDA-19/27 QQDA-24/30 QQDA-31/36 QQDA-40/42 QQDA-54/45 QQDA-64/51 Size(cm) 15*15 22.5*22.5 30*30 38*38 45*4...
  • Self-contained air breathing apparatus with full face mask

    Self-contained air breathing apparatus with full face mask

    PPE Level Breathing Apparatus/CE certified EN 136:1998 Respiratory protective devices. Full face masks. Requirements, testing, marking. EN 137:2006 Respiratory protective devices. Self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus with full face mask. Requirements, testing, marking. Over view Positive pressure air breathing apparatuses is a device for breathing and protection of human body by using compressed air as a gas source. It is mainly used in fire fighting, chemical, ...
  • Rescue Tripod

    Rescue Tripod

    Model: JSJ-S Brand: TOPSKY Application The Rescue Tripod applies to deep wall, high-rise buildings and any other high-rise rescue. It is equipped with systemic rescue safety harness and master lock. It is very convenient for users to use. It is suitable for fire and relief agencies. Structure Mainstay, sling, winch, Ring Protective Chain, two optional master lock, 2 systemic harness, hold-back rope Key Feature 1.Scalable leg is made of high strength lightweight alloy. Factor of safety is ...
  • Twin Saw/Dual Saw

    Twin Saw/Dual Saw

    Model: CDE2530 Applications CDE2530 is widely used in the field of Fire, Emergency Rescue, Electric Power, Telecommunications construction, civil architecture, Demolition and so on. Cutting Material: steel, steel tube, cable, aluminium (using lubricating oil), wood, wallboard, plastics and so on. Characteristic It is currently the most efficient tool. It takes only three seconds to forcible aluminum doors. CDE2530 is safe and reliable. Intelligent control panel was built in the sawing machine...
  • MF15AGas masks

    MF15AGas masks

    Application MF15A gas mask is a dual protective breathing equipment with canister filter. It can effectively protect personnel face, eyes and respiratory tract from agents, biological warfare agents and radioactive dust damage. It can be used for industrial, agricultural, medical and scientific personnel in different fields and also for the army, police and civil defense use. Composition and characteristics It mainly composed by the mask respirators, double canisters and so on. Mask consist...
  • YYD05-20 Folding Electric Smoke Extractor

    YYD05-20 Folding Electric Smoke Extractor

    Overview YYD05/20 rechargeable electric smoke exhauster, small in size, easy to carry, convenient to move, can exhaust smoke at high speed in a short time, increase rescue time; strong wind technology, super wind pressure, smoke exhaust effect at a distance of 1-3 meters from the entrance Equivalent, effectively reduce the internal temperature of the fire point, improve the visibility in the building, control the fire at the fire source in the house, reduce the toxicity level, avoid firefight...
  • BS80 Electric expansion clamp

    BS80 Electric expansion clamp

    Introduction Electric expansion clamp with expansion, tearing, clamping and pulling function (with traction chain), can carry out high-load rescue operations, using high-strength lightweight alloy.It can be opened within 1 second which can greatly reduce the rescue process.Two large-capacity 4AH lithium batteries are charged quickly and work for a long time to meet the needs of complex rescue environments. Main technical parameters: Rated work pressure 72MPa Expansion distance 650mm Max. exp...
  • BC80 Electric cutting pliers

    BC80 Electric cutting pliers

    Introduction The electric cutting pliers can quickly cut the pipelines, special-shaped steel and steel plates of the vehicle components and metal structures. It can be opened within 1s which can greatly shorten the rescue process. The two large-capacity 4AH lithium batteries can be quickly charged and the working time can be long. Meet the needs of complex rescue environments. Main technical parameters: Rated work pressure 80MPa Shear force 680KN Cutting round steel diameter (Q235 material) ...
  • BC350 Electric Hydraulic Cutting Pliers

    BC350 Electric Hydraulic Cutting Pliers

    Overview Electric cutting pliers is an integrated hydraulic rescue tools, used for cutting and spreading rescue operations; self equipped power supply, no need of external power device, tubingless design portable operation whenever and wherever possible; main components used aviation Aluminum Alloy, high strength, light weight; sealing elements all imported from Germany. Application scope Rescue in Traffic accidents, disaster accidents,  especially suitable for high-place rescue and field ope...
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