Door breaker

  • PB6 Pneumatic door opener

    PB6 Pneumatic door opener

    Product Introduction PB6 Pneumatic door opener is an air control door open system, which is necessary security tools for fire-fighting, anti-terrorism and large enterprises. Advantages 1) Strong : can open inside and outside open security doors in a short time; Can broken up to 15 snaps Grade level security door; is the most powerful break tool which instantly direct effect on the door in the world. 2) Security: no electric element body, no hydraulic oil, not afraid of fire, explosives are n...
  • DB6 Electric hydraulic door opener

    DB6 Electric hydraulic door opener

    1.Introduction The DB6 electric-hydraulic door breaker is made of high-strength composite material, so it is resistant to high pressure, high temperature and cold, making it suitable for use in a variety of complex environments. The high-strength composite body makes it light in weight and exquisite structure design, which makes it ideal for quick installation and convenient use. The quick-connecting joints are used between the various components of the DB6 electric-hydraulic breaker. The hy...