ZY45 Insulated Compressed Oxygen

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Insulated Compressed Oxygen Self-RescuerModel:ZYX45Time: 45 Minutes45 Minutes duration mining self contained self rescuer,mining personal protective equipmentQualifications: Coal Mine Safety CertificateExplosion-proof   CertificateInspection CertificationApplicationsThe ZYX45 Compressed ...

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Insulated Compressed Oxygen Self-Rescuer
Time: 45 Minutes

45 Minutes duration mining self contained self rescuer,
mining personal protective equipment

Qualifications: Coal Mine Safety Certificate
Explosion-proof   Certificate
Inspection Certification


The ZYX45 Compressed Oxygen Self-rescuer (short for self-rescuer) adopts medical compressed oxygen as its air source. It is an isolated completed circuit personal breath protection system which has the characters of small respiratory resistance, low aspiration temperature, convenient, safe and reliable, can be reused, etc.
It is widely applied for the coal mine and the environment where polluted by poisonous gas or lacked of oxygen gas. The working people wear it rapidly and get away from the disaster area safely.

Key features

adopts medical compressed oxygen
small respiratory resistance,
low aspiration temperature
Isolated oxygen of closed system
Technical specification

Duration ≥45min
Capacity of oxygen bottle 0.3L
Filling pressure for oxygen bottle ≥19MPa
Oxygen storage ≥80L
Oxygen-supplying modes Quantity fixed 1.2L/min
Manual 60L/min
Automatically 60L/min
Exhaust pressure 150 Pa300Pa
Dimensions 235×170×95mm
Weight 2.3kg

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