YQ7 Multi-gas Detector

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1. The powerful built-in pump provides continuous flow2. The unique temperature measurement3.Can detect six different gases and temperature. Optional sensors are available to measure wind speed ,pressure and humidity.4. Imported high-performance sensor5. Fully compatible Tianyun TS-CLOUD auto...

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1. The powerful built-in pump provides continuous flow
2. The unique temperature measurement
3.Can detect six different gases and temperature. Optional sensors are available to measure wind speed ,pressure and humidity.
4. Imported high-performance sensor
5. Fully compatible Tianyun TS-CLOUD automatic calibration management system
6. 24 hours fast measurement record
7. A high-definition display
8. Rough polycarbonate shell, easy-to-grip
9. Big buttons is suitable to operate with glove
10. Unique fall alarm function

TOPSKY is aimed to provide more diversified and valuable products to market. After a series of single gas detectors and multi gas detectors, including 4 gas in one detector ,8 gas in one detector and 10 gas in one detector ,TOPSKY is launching the newly YQ7 multi gas detector which has strong built-in sampling pump.

YQ7 Multi gas detector can detect methane, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and temperature. Optional infrared sensor or other toxic gas sensor can be configured for any other request.

Large color screen with numerical and graphical display mode, designed specifically for hazardous environments!

YQ7 multi-gas detector can be widely used in the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, steel industry, utilities ,firefighting rescue, safety supervision and civil engineering.

Full-color multi-gas detector
Detection six kind of gas and temperature
Optional infrared and PID sensors
Patented technology: fast reset to zero
Patented “falls alarm” and ” Immediate alarm ” function;
Menu-driven operation display with real-time trend analysis chart
Compatible Tianyun automatic calibration management platform
Technical Parameters:
Housing: Polycarbonate
Display and reading:
STN color graphic LCD \ graph and values
Standard Detection Category:
CH4 \ O2 \ CO \ H2S \ CO2 \ SO2, temperature
Extended Detection Category:
CL2 \ NO2 \ CLO2 \ NO \ NO2 \ phosphine \ HCN \ propane \ ammonia gas, pressure, temperature, wind speed, humidity
Data storage:
1000 sets of data
Alarm Log:
1000 group
Data Download:
Infrared or 232
Sounds, lights, and vibration alarm
Fast calibration, reset to zero when charging
Fall alarm and Immediate alarm:
Calibration Workstation:
Compatible Tianyun TS-Cloud automatic calibration system
Explosion-proof certification, measurement certification, coal mine safety certification

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