What is the difference between dual interface and single interface, single pipe and double pipe in hydraulic tubing?

As one of the standard products of the hydraulic rescue tool set, the hydraulic oil pipe is a proprietary device used to transmit hydraulic oil between the hydraulic rescue tool and the hydraulic power source.
Therefore, the hydraulic oil pipes of hydraulic rescue tools have two oil-inlet and oil-return systems, which can double-act on the tool hydraulic cylinder by passing oil in different directions to obtain different directions of movement.

Special reminder: Due to differences in working pressure, safety factor, etc., hydraulic tubing from different manufacturers cannot be connected with hydraulic tools.
The interface types of hydraulic oil pipes can be divided into single interface and dual interface.

The main difference is: single interface can be plugged and unplugged when the hydraulic breaking tool is under pressure (hereinafter referred to as pressure plugging and unplugging), which improves work efficiency; In the case of a single interface, the changing tool only needs to be plugged and unplugged once, and the changing speed of the tool is faster; the sealing performance of the single interface is better.

double interface hose

Double interface hydraulic oil pipe (the end of the oil pipe has two joints)

single interface double tube

Single-port hydraulic tubing (only 1 joint at the end of tubing)


new single interface hose

Single Tube Single Port Hydraulic Hose

The double pipe means the oil inlet pipe (high pressure pipe) and the oil return pipe (low pressure pipe) are discharged side by side, and the single pipe means the oil inlet pipe (high pressure pipe) is enclosed by the oil return pipe (low pressure pipe).
PS: Press-plugging means that tools can be replaced without turning off the power source, and the interface will not hold back pressure; on the contrary, for interfaces that do not have the press-plug function, you need to turn off the power equipment switch to relieve the pressure before you can replace the tools.

Post time: Jun-29-2021