Water rescue equipment series



Product Introduction
ROV-48 water rescue remote control robot is a small shallow water search and rescue robot that can be operated remotely for firefighting. It is specially used for water rescue in reservoirs, rivers, beaches, ferries, floods and other scenes.

When the ROV-48 water rescue remote-controlled robot has fallen into the water accident, it will reach the position of the person who fell into the water as soon as possible to start rescue, which has won precious time for rescue and greatly improved the survival rate of the person who fell into the water.

1. ★Multifunctional use
Water lighting, video surveillance, remote voice calling (optional)
2. ★Fast driving speed
Maximum speed reached 24.4 knots (45km/h)
3. ★Long communication distance
Maximum communication distance 4500m
4. ★Smart Return
Support one-key return to home, return to home lost connection, low power return


Product Introduction
The wireless remote control intelligent power lifebuoy is a small surface rescue robot that can be operated by remote control. It can realize ultra-long-distance control through the remote control. The operation is simple. It can accurately control the travel route of the lifebuoy and quickly reach the person who has fallen into the water for rescue.

1. ★Reliable shell
Use LLDPE material with good wear resistance, electrical insulation, toughness and cold resistance.
2. ★Accurate positioning
Support GPS/Beidou dual positioning system, positioning faster and more accurate.
3. ★Return to home system
One-key automatic return to home function, automatic return to home function when lost connection.
4. ★Clear identification
High-penetration warning lights can determine the location of the equipment even in foggy weather.



Post time: Jun-04-2021