The National Forest Defense Office and other four departments jointly organized and carried out special operations on the management of wild fire sources and the investigation and punishment of illegal fire use.

In order to effectively control wild fire sources, severely investigate and punish illegal fire use, and reduce human factors causing forest and grassland fires, the National Forest Prevention Office, the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Emergency Management have jointly issued a notice a few days ago and decided to start from April 1. From January to December 20, a special action was jointly organized in two phases to control wild fire sources and investigate and punish illegal fire use.

The notice requires that all localities must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on forest and grassland fire-fighting work, and in accordance with Premier Li Keqiang’s instructions, adhere to the entire chain of “preventing, preventing danger, and preventing violations”, “starting early, hitting small, hitting” Management, centralized management of the main stubborn diseases that cause fires such as fire for agriculture, fire for sacrifices, and smoking in the wild, establish and improve a long-term mechanism for self-inspection and self-correction of hidden fire hazards, strictly investigate and punish illegal fire use in forests and grasslands in accordance with the law, and resolutely curb man-made causes. Forest and grassland fires frequently occur, take strict measures to prevent serious and large forest and grassland fires and casualties, make every effort to maintain national ecological security, the safety of people’s lives and property, and social harmony and stability, and create a good and safe environment for the “14th Five-Year Plan” to make a good start and make a good start , To celebrate the centenary of the founding of the party with outstanding achievements.

The notice pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to high-level promotion, coordinated cooperation, strictly implement the same responsibility of the party and government, and double responsibility of one post, effectively strengthen the leadership responsibilities of local party committees and governments, strictly implement the responsibilities of various departments, strengthen coordination, and form a smooth coordination, close cooperation, and effective scheduling Orderly working mechanism. We must persist in administering fires in accordance with the law, build a strong line of defense, dare to deal harder, and resolutely investigate and deal with violations of fire use in accordance with the law, and those who constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. Pay close attention to process control, investigating, inspecting, and rectifying at the same time. Pay attention to law popularization, carry out warning education, advocate active fire prevention, create a strong fire prevention atmosphere, enhance the people’s concept of the rule of law, and build a national ideological defense line. We must adhere to both symptoms and root causes, seek practical results, continue to improve laws and regulations, improve standards and regulations, strengthen law enforcement systems, tighten the chain of responsibility, and provide a strong legal guarantee for the implementation of law-based fire management and fire management.

The notice emphasized that all localities must strengthen organization and leadership, strictly implement the same responsibility of the party and government, and set up a special action leading group to formulate work plans based on actual conditions, and all relevant departments must coordinate to advance and form a joint force. It is necessary to focus on key areas, keep a close eye on risk-prone parts, strengthen the application of modern technology such as satellite remote sensing, intelligent surveillance, drones, and big data, and enhance the level of law enforcement and supervision capabilities. We must grasp the characteristics and laws, carefully study the causes of fire, find out the laws of fire, pinpoint the source of the problem, explore the establishment of a long-term mechanism for self-examination and self-correction of hidden problems, and strictly prevent forest and grassland fires. We must strive for the effectiveness of governance, pay close attention to process control, ensure that governance rectification, law enforcement investigations, supervision and guidance run through the whole process of special actions, organize forces to go to the front line to strengthen guidance, promptly rectify problems when problems are found, establish a clear direction, clarify reward and punishment measures, and achieve high penalties Illegal use of fire in the fire zone under fire-risk weather. It is necessary to strengthen warning education, expose fire perpetrators and cases of illegal use of fire in a timely manner, set up special teams for fires with greater impact, punish perpetrators strictly and promptly in accordance with the law, form a strong deterrent effect, enhance the people’s legal awareness and fire protection awareness, and rely on the people extensively 1. Mobilize the masses and build a strong civil defense line for fire prevention and control. It is necessary to actively promote the construction of the system, adhere to the combination of “deblocking”, establish and improve relevant regulations and technical regulations for the management and control of wild fire sources, explore fire source management measures and methods that meet local actual conditions, and resolutely stop the illegal use of fire in the wild.QXWB-22 Forest Fire Mobile High Pressure Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Device03

Post time: Apr-02-2021