Special fire extinguishing device for electrical fire

When the electric car is on fire, don’t use a fire extinguisher and use water!
Under normal circumstances, the fire extinguishing of pure electric vehicles is different from traditional fuel vehicles, and the fire extinguisher is useless. Spontaneous combustion accidents have increased, and the potential safety hazards of new energy vehicles have gradually become prominent. Once the battery is found to be igniting, report to the fire alarm 119 after ensuring the safety of the personnel, and spray a large amount of water on the damaged location.
Since the battery burns without oxygen, it can be flame-retardant only by cooling a large amount of water. General dry powder or foam fire extinguishers cannot prevent the battery from burning.

The electrical fire extinguishing gun is used to extinguish electrical fires. It is safe and non-conductive. It is suitable for a voltage environment of 35000 volts and a safety distance of 1 meter.
The special fire extinguishing device for electrical fires uses a unique spray angle of less than 15 degrees. It uses water mist with a diameter of less than 200μm and is discontinuous. It can be suspended in the air, and the water mist will quickly vaporize after encountering a fire, taking away a lot of heat, and isolating it With air, it is difficult to form a conductive continuous water flow or surface water area on the surface of the electrode.
Therefore, the water mist fire extinguishing system has good electrical insulation performance and can effectively extinguish electrical fires. The device is suitable for quickly extinguishing fires in the primary stage, can quickly shorten the deployment time of firefighters, enter the fire scene faster and improve the efficiency of fire fighting.



Post time: May-21-2021