Presidents bodyguards, why do they always carry briefcases? What are the secrets of briefcases?

Since World War II, with the development of the times, although there are still armed conflicts in parts of the world, the global situation is still stable. Even so, the security of politicians in various countries is still facing this great challenge, especially in some important countries. The presidents can be said to be the leaders of a country, and their safety is extremely important.

Of course, the president’s bodyguards can be said that all of them are extraordinary and possess unique skills. Even for such security work, in order to take into account political and image factors, the armed color of many security personnel has gradually been diluted or covered up. For example, bulletproof vests need to be worn behind the formal wear, not to mention all kinds of firearms. They are usually placed in unobvious places on the body. What is surprising is that the briefcases they carry are also bulletproof to deal with possible occurrences. Accident.

What are the secrets of briefcases? Let’s take a look at bulletproof briefcases!

The inter-layer of bullet-proof briefcase made  n Perfect-protection Technology is padded by soft bulletproof material; it can also be used as a shield when fighting. In  case of emergency, the body guards can immediately open the briefcase, block it in front of attendants, thus both of them can be effectively protected

protection level: Lead core bullet below NIJ0101.06 IIIA

lead core bullet below GA141-2010 level III


It is designed with an ordinary briefcase as its shape. It has the characteristics of light weight, strong concealment, quick opening, and large protective area. In the event of an emergency, it can be quickly opened within 1 second to block in front of the guarded personnel, forming a tough bulletproof shield. It is suitable for armed police, security guards, chief secretaries, drivers, guards, etc.

The bulletproof briefcase looks the same as an ordinary briefcase, but its connotation is quite rich!

Generally, when a surprise attack occurs, the security personnel will immediately rush up, they will stand close to the boss, holding a hard shield in their hands to surround the boss. Everyone is very puzzled. Before the crisis, we had never seen anyone standing by with a shield. Could these shields be changed out of thin air?

In fact, these are shields and not shields. They have another identity, which is the “briefcase.” This is a bullet-proof briefcase, known as the escort artifact of bosses from all over the world. On the surface, it looks like an ordinary briefcase. The security personnel carry the briefcase into the scene without attracting people’s attention.

In the event of an emergency, a briefcase can be turned into a powerful shield at the push of a button. The shield is as high as a person to ensure the safety of the bosses. It is the last barrier to protect the leaders, and its weight can be seen. How heavy it is, it all depends on how much it can play at the critical moment!

Post time: Jun-08-2021