[New product release] A wireless intelligent composite gas detector integrating multi-gas detection and video detection, with 4G upload function

According to incomplete statistics, many petrochemical fire accidents are caused by gas leakage. If the leakage is discovered in advance, potential hidden dangers can be eliminated in time. In addition, gas leakage will also cause damage to the atmospheric environment, which is time-consuming and laborious to manage.
Based on this, the gas detector has become one of the commonly used instruments in industrial production, which can detect the concentration of toxic and hazardous substances, and can also detect the types of gases in the environment, and take corresponding rescue measures based on the detection results.


Under normal circumstances, gas detectors find leaks by detecting the gas concentration at the sealing points of the equipment, but due to some objective factors or safety considerations, certain sealing points are difficult to detect. For example, if the location of the sealing point is beyond the reach of the inspectors, and the sealing point is in a dangerous area, various restrictive factors have delayed the rescue progress. At this time, a wireless intelligent composite gas detector is needed!


product description
The iR119P wireless intelligent composite gas detector (hereinafter referred to as the detector) can simultaneously and continuously detect and display the concentration of methane CH4, oxygen O2, carbon monoxide CO, hydrogen sulfide H2S and sulfur dioxide SO2. The collected gas data and environment Data such as temperature, device location, and live audio and video are uploaded to the platform via 4G transmission for wireless management.
The monitor adopts a new appearance design, beautiful and durable. With over-limit alarm function, once the collected data exceeds the limit, the device will immediately turn on vibration and sound and light alarms and upload the data to the platform at this time. The product can upload the monitoring and monitoring information of multiple detectors, and establish a multi-functional monitoring and monitoring system platform for special workplaces, and support 256G memory cards to store on-site operation videos.




●High-precision gas detection: On-site staff carrying the instrument can judge whether the surrounding environment is safe according to the gas concentration information displayed by the instrument, so as to protect the life and property of the staff.
●Over-limit sound and light alarm: When the instrument detects that the ambient gas exceeds the standard, it will immediately sound and light alarm to remind the on-site staff to evacuate in time.
●Gas concentration curve: automatically draw a gas concentration curve based on the detection information, view the gas concentration changes in real time, and provide powerful data for predicting the occurrence of accidents in advance.
●4G transmission and GPS positioning: upload the collected gas data and GPS positioning to the PC, and the upper level monitors the on-site situation in real time.
●Multi-scene application: The tester is IP67 dustproof and waterproof, suitable for working in a variety of complex occasionsPic-1 Pic-2 Pic-3

Post time: Mar-31-2021