New product: All-terrain articulated crawler transport vehicle


All-terrain articulated crawler transport vehicle


Product description

The all-terrain vehicle is a movable articulated double-carriage training structure, which is composed of two carriages, and the car bodies are connected by a steering device. Each car is composed of a chassis and a body. The chassis part is composed of a central beam, a side drive and a mobile device assembly. 4 independent mobile device assemblies can be replaced with each other. The body is made of fire-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic (grp), with a double-layer structure, which is not only sturdy and durable, lighter than the steel compartment, but also serves as an anti-rollover function. The design of the car can ensure that the environment can still be started at extremely low temperatures. Ventilation devices and heat exchangers are installed in the front and rear compartments to keep the temperature inside the car higher than the outside world and function as a demister. This vehicle has amphibious capabilities and is propelled on the water by foot paddles. In addition, the rear compartment of the car supports customized modular production, covering areas such as emergency rescue, tourism, obstacle clearance, and transportation.

Product parameter

Body size: 7680*1900*2340mm
Self weight: 5.7t
Load: 4000 kg or 20 people
Speed: Land: 65km/h
In water: 5km/h
Engine power: 170ps (125kw)
Transmission torque: 400Nm
Car bottom shell material: aviation alloy aluminum
Maximum climbing degree: 45°
Maximum roll angle: 30°
Maximum span of trench: 1.5m

Post time: May-28-2021