Latest technology fire fighting drone with electric power,Fire detection,Rescue and lighting function

The drone is mounted on a fire truck and can be quickly launched into the air. It is connected to the water tank of the fire truck through a high-strength flexible pipeline. The high-efficiency foam/water-based fire extinguishing agent inside the fire truck is delivered to the drone platform, and then through the airborne water gun It sprays out horizontally and reaches the fire source to achieve the purpose of extinguishing fire.

Fire detection performance

Reconnaissance pod: visible light/infrared thermal imaging/laser ranging

Three-in-one compound pod

Basic functions: laser ranging, obstacle avoidance radar, flight control

Other information is superimposed on the video screen and transmitted back to the ground control station/remote control display.

Screen switching: can switch between infrared and visible light screens

Visible light performance: 4 million pixels, 60fds refresh rate, 10 times zoom.

Infrared thermal imaging performance: Wavelength: 8 Jie m ~ 14 Jie m

Resolution: 384X288 (columns X rows)

Detector pixel size: 17 umX17 u m

Focal length f: 20 mm

Laser ranging performance: laser measurement distance: 200m

Fire extinguishing performance

Fire extinguishing height: 100m

UAV deployment time: 1 minute 30 seconds

Lighting performance

Broken window performance


Post time: Apr-22-2021