Forest fire extinguishing gel

Water-based fire extinguishing agent




1. Product introduction

The water-based fire extinguishing agent is an efficient, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and naturally degradable plant-based fire extinguishing agent. It is an environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agent composed of foaming agents, surfactants, flame retardants, stabilizers and other ingredients. By adding penetrants and other additives to the water to change the chemical properties of the water, the latent heat of vaporization, viscosity, wetting power and adhesion to improve the fire extinguishing effect of the water, the main raw material is extracted and extracted from plants, and when extinguishing The water is mixed according to the agent-water mixing ratio to form a liquid fire extinguishing agent.

Two, storage and packaging

1. Product packaging specifications are 25kg, 200kg, 1000kg plastic drums.

2. The product is not affected by freezing and melting.

3. The product should be stored in a ventilated and cool place, and the storage temperature should be lower than 45℃, higher than its minimum use temperature.

4. It is strictly forbidden to put it upside down, and avoid touching it during transportation.

5. Do not mix with other types of fire extinguishing agents.

6. This product is a concentrated liquid suitable for use with fresh water in the specified mixing ratio of water.

7. When the medicine accidentally touches the eyes, rinse with water first. If you feel unwell, please consult a doctor in time.
3. Application scope:

It is suitable for extinguishing Class A fires or Class A and B fires. It is widely used in the prevention and rescue of fires in industrial and mining enterprises, fire trucks, airports, gas stations, tankers, oil fields, oil refineries, and oil depots.


Water-based fire extinguishing agent (polymer gel type)