Compressed air foam fire extinguishing device, the nemesis of chemical fire

Backpack compressed air foam fire extinguishing device

With the rapid advancement of the modernization process, the fire situation is becoming more and more complicated. In particular, petrochemical companies encounter more and more emergencies in the daily production process. Once a hazardous chemical disaster accident occurs, it has a sudden, rapid spread and a wide range of harm. , There are many ways of injury, detection is not easy, rescue is difficult, and the environment is polluted. In response to emergencies such as toxic and harmful gas environments, rescue in small spaces, emergency fire fighting of various types of fires, and decontamination of chemical pollution, individual equipment often plays a key role.
The development of domestic individual fire extinguishing and decontamination equipment is relatively backward and limited to the negative pressure foaming method. This foaming principle has been gradually eliminated due to the unsatisfactory foaming effect. The positive pressure foaming principle based on the caf (compress air foam) system is becoming more and more popular in the field of foam fire fighting and decontamination.


1. Combination of air call and foam fire extinguishing function to protect personal safety

The backpack air-breathing and foam fire extinguishing device cleverly combines the air breathing apparatus with the foam fire extinguisher. When in use, the breathing mask effectively prevents the toxic gas generated during combustion and chemical pollution from causing harm to the human body. The mask adopts a single eye window and a large window. The vision lens, through the control of the direction of the inhalation airflow, makes the lens always clear and bright during the use of the full face mask, protecting the face while not blocking the line of sight.
The advanced positive pressure foaming principle of this device makes the foaming stable and the multiplier is high. After the people in the fire scene are covered by the whole body spray, a protective layer can be formed to protect them from flame damage and better protect the operators and search and rescue objects.



2. The knapsack design is convenient to carry
The knapsack air-breathing and foam fire extinguishing device adopts a knapsack design and is easy to carry. The device is compact in structure, quick to move on the back, free of hands, conducive to climbing and rescue, and can meet the needs of operators to carry out emergency fire fighting and decontamination operations in narrow aisles and spaces. This structural feature makes the mpb18 device suitable for various complex terrains and applications. Extremely broad.

3. High fire extinguishing level
The dual-use air-breathing and foam fire extinguishing device has a fire extinguishing rating of 4a and 144b, which exceeds the fire extinguishing capacity of a portable fire extinguisher by several times. This device can extinguish a 144-liter oil pan flame for difficult gasoline fires.

4. Long spray distance
Because the heat radiation of the fire source makes people difficult to approach, it is difficult for ordinary fire extinguishers to exert their full fire extinguishing capabilities. The spray distance of the dual-use air-breathing and foam fire extinguishing device is 10 meters, which is three times that of dry powder fire extinguishers and 5 times that of gas fire extinguishers Times. It is safer for operators to put out fires far away from the fire source, and their psychological conditions are more stable, which greatly improves the fire fighting effect.

5. Repeated filling and use on site
The knapsack air-breathing and foam fire extinguishing device is not pressure-bearing, so it can be filled anytime and anywhere. The material of the barrel is anti-corrosion and can be filled with fresh water, sea water, etc. After spraying a bucket of fire extinguishing liquid on site, take water nearby and mix it with the original foam liquid. It can be used again without stirring, and the fire extinguishing ability is doubled.

6. Ontology safety three-layer guarantee
The first layer of protection: the dual-use air-breathing and foam fire extinguishing device uses standard carbon fiber-wound composite gas cylinders. The gas cylinders have the characteristics of light weight, high bearing pressure and high safety performance. This is currently the world’s high safety Gas cylinders.
The second level of protection: the device’s pressure reducer is equipped with a safety valve to protect the output pressure of the pressure reducer from overloading. When the output pressure exceeds 0.9mpa, the safety valve will automatically open to relieve pressure to protect the operator from high pressure.
The third level of protection: the pressure gauge is worn on the chest of the operator, and a low-pressure alarm device is attached. When the pressure of the gas cylinder is lower than 5.5mpa, the alarm will sound a sharp alarm to remind the operator that the pressure of the gas cylinder is insufficient and evacuate the scene in time.

7. Clean and environmentally friendly
The dust of the dry powder fire extinguisher pollutes the environment and irritates the human respiratory tract. It can be suffocating when used in an environment with poor air circulation. The backpack air-breathing and foam fire extinguishing dual-purpose device uses environmentally friendly multifunctional foam agents. The sprayed foam has no irritation to the human respiratory tract and skin. The foam will naturally degrade within a few hours and will not pollute the surrounding environment. It is easy to clean up on site after use. Implemented the national environmental protection development policy.

8. Decontamination advantages
The backpack air-breathing and foam fire-extinguishing dual-purpose device also has obvious advantages in decontamination due to its own structural characteristics. The barrel is anti-corrosive and can be filled with the corresponding decontamination solution according to the type of poison; the nozzle is removable and easy to replace. And it has the characteristics of good atomization effect, multi-directional intersection of mist flow, large coverage area and strong adhesion. With its own air call function, it can quickly and efficiently disinfect people, vehicles, equipment and facilities, pollution sources, etc., effectively isolate the source of infection and prevent the spread of pollution.

9. Advantages of breaking through and preventing riots
Adding irritating agents to this device becomes a riot prevention weapon. The spray distance of 10 meters and the large capacity of 17l ensure the strong riot prevention ability of the product.
This product is widely used in firefighting, chemical, shipping, petroleum, mining and other departments, for firefighters or rescuers to safely and effectively carry out fire fighting, rescue, disaster relief and rescue in various environments with dense smoke, poisonous gas, steam or oxygen deficiency. Assistance work.

Post time: Mar-10-2021