Beijing Topsky WILL attend the CHINA FIRE 2021

CHINA FIRE is a large-scale and influential international fire equipment exhibition and technology exchange event sponsored by China Fire Protection Association. It is held every two years and has successfully held seventeen sessions so far. The exhibition is large in scale, large in audience, high in technology, wide in coverage and large in turnover. It has received widespread attention and praise from the fire protection circles at home and abroad.

China Fire 2019 attracted 836 exhibitors from more than 30 countries, and achieved an exhibition area of 120,000 square meters. At the same time, 26 seminars hosted by fire experts were also held concurrently. It attracted 46,000 visitors from more than 70 countries and regions on five continents. CHINA FIRE has become an important channel for governments at all levels and fire departments to purchase fire fighting equipment, and also an important platform for trade activities in fire fighting products in the Asia-Pacific region.

With the rapid development of economy and society, the demand for fire products from society and fire departments is increasing year by year. China Fire Protection Association will continue to promote and publicize high-quality fire products and technologies to the whole society through scientific and comprehensive promotion, based on more than 20 years of mature exhibition experience, so as to set up the best platform for displaying products, exchanging technologies and negotiating trade between manufacturers and users.

Warmly welcome domestic and foreign fire manufacturers to participate in the exhibition. China Fire Protection Association is willing to work closely with fire manufacturers and experts from all over the world to promote the continuous progress and development of fire safety.


Founded in 2003, BEIJING TOPSKY INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT GROUP Co., Ltd. is committed to making the world safer with innovative equipment, and is determined to become the continuous leader of global high-end safety equipment. The headquarter is located in Jinqiao Industrial Base, Zhongguancun High-tech Park, with a registered capital of RMB 46,514,300. Our company has independent R&D and technology promotion capabilities, and has one R&D and production building. Our innovative technologies, services and systems are dedicated to serving the military, armed police, fire protection, law enforcement agencies, work safety supervision bureaus, coal mines, and petrochemicals. Involving drones, robots, unmanned ships, special equipment, emergency rescue equipment, etc.


Exhibition name: CHINA FIRE 2021
Exhibition time: 10.12-10.15, 2021

Booth number: E4-01

Post time: Sep-26-2021