Beijing topsky participated in the launching ceremony of the inner mongolia autonomous region work safety month.

On June 1, the Autonomous Region’s 2018 “Safety Production Month” activity was launched in Ulan Qab. It is the seventeenth “Safety Production Month” in the country, and the theme of the event is “Life First, Safety Development”

In the main venue of the “Safety Production Month” event in the autonomous region, a total of nearly 300 safety production site consultants were dispatched in the event, and they witnessed participation in the “fire drill in densely populated places”, consultation and fire emergency equipment display activities. It is understood that nearly 100 firefighters, more than 20 firefighting and various emergency vehicles participated in this event; more than 30 medical rescuers, 3 ambulances, and 3 people in distress were dispatched. Beijing Lingtian brought fire-fighting smoke exhaust robots and fire-extinguishing robots to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Safety Production Month.


Fire fighting robot

product description

The fire-fighting robot adopts a crawler + swing arm + wheel chassis design, which can adapt to various complex ground in the rescue environment. Equipped with an environmental detection device to detect on-site environmental data while extinguishing the fire. The fire extinguishing detection robot is composed of four parts: the main body of the robot, the fire monitor, the environmental detection device, and the remote control box. The main role is to replace firefighters to enter the scene of flammable, explosive, toxic, oxygen-deficient, dense smoke and other dangerous disaster accidents to implement effective fire fighting and rescue, chemical detection and fire scene detection.


1. The chassis design of the fire-fighting smoke detection robot is crawler + swing arm + wheel type. The front and rear double swing arms and crawler can drive various complex terrains. The metal inner ring is used for the tires, which not only increases the walking speed, but also ensures that the rubber melts at high temperatures. After that, you can still walk.

2. The 4G wireless transmission system can simultaneously transmit video and environmental monitoring data to the command center through network communication, realizing a “three-in-one” fire command system.

3. Data and video use dual-channel encryption transmission, long communication distance, strong anti-interference, and wireless control distance of 1000 meters.

4. Adopting large-capacity power battery plus DC dual motors, modular distributed design, high maneuverability.

5. The car body adopts a dual water supply system, which can drive two 100-meter 80-water belts to travel.

6. The fire monitor remotely controls free sweeping, direct current, and spray continuously adjustable.

7. Self-protection spray device with fine water mist, cooling treatment

8. Online monitoring, early warning, prevention and control of toxic and harmful gases, nuclear radiation, thermal radiation, temperature and humidity at the rescue site.

9. Suitable for petroleum and petrochemical, high-risk environmental operations.

10.4 channels of high-definition infrared cameras to achieve panoramic vision mode.

Post time: Mar-10-2021