Beijing Topsky Life Detector Series

In response to possible building collapse accidents caused by earthquakes, explosions or other reasons, the firefighting force can improve the combat effectiveness of the fire fighting in dealing with such disasters, and can accurately search and rescue the trapped people in a short period of time, and reduce the number of casualties to a minimum , “Life Detector” has become one of the most frequently used equipment by fire brigade in rescue work. With this detector, it can detect whether there are people trapped in areas that cannot be reached by manpower, so as to implement rescue. In the rescue work where every second counts, the life detector can help search and rescue personnel quickly, accurately and safely find the people in distress who are still alive, thereby gaining valuable time for the rescue work.

1. Product parameters

1. ★Integrate radar detection, breathing carbon dioxide gas detection, and infrared thermal imaging detection functions in one.

2. ★Protection level: IP68

3. With multi-target display function.

4. The maximum distance of the display control terminal wireless remote control radar host is ≥180m.

5. With remote expert support function;

6. Equipped with two data transmission methods: wireless (WIFI) and wired RJ45 USB interface;

7. With real-time dynamic display of motion detection, breathing signal and motion signal can be displayed at the same time

8. It has the function of displaying the results of the bionic humanoid observation;

9. Penetration performance: It has the ability to detect life bodies behind concrete walls ≥10m thick continuous solid concrete with different media.

10. Detection performance of partition wall: solid concrete wall ≥70cm, the maximum detection distance of partition wall to stationary life bodies ≥20m, and the maximum detection distance of partition wall to moving life bodies ≥30m.


Post time: Apr-28-2021