Shenzhen announced that it has entered the flood season. What kind of equipment will be used for flood control and drought relief to appear on the 4.21 emergency equipment matchmaking meeting?

According to the Shenzhen Flood, Drought and Wind Control Headquarters, Guangdong Province has officially entered the 2021 flood season from April 15th, and Shenzhen has also entered the flood season at the same time.
The Shenzhen Three Prevention Headquarters requires that after the flood season, all districts, departments and units must perform their duties strictly in accordance with the law, and resolutely implement the three prevention work responsibility system with the chief executive responsibility system as the core. During the flood season, the main leaders of the party and government of each district shall not leave the area under their jurisdiction at the same time, and the district leaders in charge of the three-prevention work need to apply for leave to the municipal three-prevention headquarters when leaving the area under their jurisdiction. Strictly implement the system of “district leaders contacting subdistrict (town), subdistrict (town) leaders contacting community (village), and community (village) cadres contacting households”. Identify the persons responsible for flood control in key locations such as water conservancy projects, geological disasters, dangerous slopes, waterlogging points, and flash flood disaster hazard areas; divide responsibility grid areas and implement personnel transfer and docking responsibilities.

All districts, relevant departments and units must strictly implement the 24-hour shift and on-duty system during the flood season. Natural resources, housing construction, water affairs, transportation, urban management, electric power, communications, energy and other project management units shall strengthen various project management under the normal conditions of epidemic prevention and control, do well in advance the dredging of river channels and drainage pipe networks, and strengthen the flood season Safety inspections, timely elimination and control of hidden dangers, and implementation of emergency rescue preparations. Reservoirs and hydropower stations shall formulate and strictly implement flood season dispatching and operation plans, monitoring, forecasting and early warning according to law

Departments such as meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, and natural resources must closely monitor weather changes and issue disaster warnings in a timely manner. On the basis of enhancing the accuracy, timeliness and coverage of forecasts and forecasts, they must make popular and intuitive interpretations of relevant results. Remind all sectors of society to participate in and cooperate with disaster prevention, mitigation and relief work. All districts and sub-districts, flood, drought, and wind prevention command agencies should strengthen consultation, research and judgment, strengthen collaboration and linkage, and deploy targeted defensive measures.

The Municipal Three Defense Command requires all districts, relevant departments and units to make relevant preparations for emergency rescue and emergency response such as “people, finances, materials, technology, and information”, and to check the pre-planning work of plans, teams, materials, and equipment. Strengthen emergency drills. In the event of sudden danger and disaster, emergency response should be initiated in a timely manner, promptly dealt with, timely report information, and report to relevant units that may be affected.

In June last year, all parts of the country entered the flood season one after another. Most cities in the south were hit by heavy rainfall, and disasters such as mudslides and floods severely affected the lives of local residents. Various types of water rescue equipment have effectively alleviated the disaster and played a vital role in the flood season. After a year, what functions have been added to the water rescue equipment? What upgrades have been made? Meet all your expectations at the emergency forum and smart emergency equipment supply and demand matchmaking meeting

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(ROV-48 Water Rescue Remote Control Robot)


(Wireless remote control intelligent power lifebuoy)

(under water robot)


(Portable life-saving throwing device PTQ7.0-Y110S80)

(Water Rescue Wet Suit)

(Water Rescue Helmet Type A)


Post time: Apr-23-2021