【New product release】Gas combustible gas alarm series

1. Product introduction

The combustible gas alarm adopts the Internet of Things, high intelligence and wide transmission, fully preventing problems before they occur, and ensuring the safety of life and property. When the combustible gas alarm collects and receives abnormal data in the surrounding environment, it will send you, your family, the property, the fire and safety supervision at the same time within 3 seconds through a variety of alarm methods such as mobile phone text messages, automatic voice calls, APP, WeChat, and computer terminals. Ministry of warning.

2. Features of gas detector:
1. Support temperature value upload;
2. Support the reporting of the concentration of gas leakage;
3. Support gas leak alarm;
4. Support remote silence and reset;
5. Support remote valve opening and closing;
6. Support information intensity detection;
7. Support switch and 12v output;
8. Support remote device self-check;

9. Support timing function, you can set the opening time and closing time.

Robotic arm (optional)


Three: mechanical arm (optional)

The intelligent robotic arm can be applied to any kind of natural gas valves and traditional liquefied gas tanks. The product has been tested tens of thousands of times to ensure safety and reliability. It has the following characteristics (1) WAN and LAN real-time dual connection; (2) Multi-level unit remote operation; (3) One-click operation of APP and related platforms.


Solenoid valve (optional)