Explosion-proof fire high-expansion foam fire-fighting reconnaissance robot, high-expansion foam extinguishing, remote control distance of 1500 meters, high explosion-proof level, petrochemical dangerous fire rescue are all in use, samples can be provided

Technical background
Fire, as the most common major disaster threatening public safety and social development, has inestimable harm to people’s lives and property. There are also many firefighters who die every year due to fire fighting. The root cause of this tragedy is the existing There are many limitations in the fire rescue equipment, which affect the efficiency of rescue and cause the rescue work to be in trouble.

On November 18, 2017, a fire broke out in Xinjian Village, Xihongmen Town, Daxing District, Beijing. After rapid rescue and disposal by the fire department, the fire was extinguished. The accident resulted in 19 deaths and 8 injuries. The cause of the accident was a malfunction of the electrical circuit buried in the polyurethane insulation material. The deaths of the victims were all caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

In addition to high-rise building fires and forest fires, large-scale hazardous chemicals, large-span commercial buildings, factories, commercial enterprises, mines, tunnels, subways, warehouses, hangars, ships and other areas of fire accidents will not only bring damage to the country and the people Due to huge economic losses, rescue and rescue will be more difficult, and there is also a great threat to the life and health of firefighters. The development of explosion-proof fire-fighting high-expansion foam fire-fighting reconnaissance robots has further improved the efficiency of rescue and disaster relief in my country.

Current technology
Judging from the current technology, some existing explosion-proof fire-fighting high-expansion foam fire-extinguishing reconnaissance robots have great shortcomings in distance control, autonomous obstacle avoidance and automatic power generation. The robots will be sluggish when they are more than 300 meters away from the control terminal. When the obstacle cannot be automatically stopped, the automatic spray cooling function will become slow, and the automatic power generation and braking technology used by some robots is backward, unable to convert the recoil into electric energy after spraying water. Once working under high temperature conditions, the external rubber melts and it is difficult to walk normally, and the power consumption will continue to increase. The robot will often fail to return at the scene of a large fire.

Regarding software, some robots also have shortcomings. The clutter of the fire scene will weaken the robot’s signal, which will directly lead to deviations in the transmitted audio and video and related toxic gas reconnaissance and disaster area environmental reconnaissance data, which in turn affects the correct judgment of firefighters and delays the timing of fire rescue. In addition, most of the existing robots do not use a shock-absorbing chassis design. After an explosion occurs at a fire site, the robot will collapse due to the unstable chassis, which greatly reduces the efficiency of firefighters’ rescue and disaster relief.

In terms of traction, some robots have less traction. If it is applied to large-scale accidents such as high-rise building fires and forest fires, the distance that the robot can drag the hose is limited, and it can only extinguish the fire at a long distance, and some robots have problems such as small flow and short range, making the fire extinguishing effect unsatisfactory.

The above-mentioned deficiencies are currently urgently needed to be solved by fire-fighting robots. In order to improve the efficiency of fire rescue, Lingtian Intelligent Equipment Group has innovated the original technology, made up for the shortcomings of the product, and made the fire-fighting robot diversified and intelligent in operation.
Beijing topsky  currently has 5 major series, a total of 15 fire-fighting robots, and has the design and manufacturing capabilities of key components such as chassis, controls, and video water cannons!
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Explosion-proof fire-fighting high-expansion foam fire-extinguishing reconnaissance robot